Joint Projects / Partnerships

Project title: Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project (SPSMRP)

Government of Sindh and IBA Karachi have signed a Services Agreement for the SPSMRP. The GoS is keen to enhance performance efficiency of the provincial tax administration in Sindh and aims to achieve capacity building through regular training opportunities for the public sector officers as a part of the Project Appraisal Development (PAD) by the World Bank for the proposed IDA Loan of US$ 50 million (USD Fifty Million) to be given to the GoS for Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project (SPSMRP).

In order to meet the training needs of the tax officials, the Institute of Business Administration will offer its services to the Board of Revenue Sindh, Excise and Taxation Department and the Sindh Revenue Board to help revitalize its SPSMRP program by providing research and capacity building support in the areas identified by GoS.

The main objective of the agreement is to foster bilateral cooperation between the Parties in the area of research and analyses of different tax issues relating to overall provincial tax policy framework, and allow IBA and GoS to plan collaborative research, educational, and training activities of mutual interest in relation to SPSMRP.

a) Project title: Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) Survey

Consumer Confidence Survey is a joint program of IBA and State Bank of Pakistan. It is a nationally represented bimonthly telephonic survey. Consumer Confidence Survey (CCS) is a stratified random telephone survey of more than 1600 households across Pakistan. The survey is being conducted by Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) since January 2012 with the frequency of every two months.

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b) Project title: Business Confidence Index (BCI) Survey

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Qazi Masood

A joint program of IBA and State Bank of Pakistan, this index will be a measure for business confidence in Pakistan. The SBP-IBA Business Confidence Index will provide aggregate statistics regarding the state of the business community as per the perceptions of the respondents themselves. It will be useful for policy makers as it will provide useful and timely information on the many stages of the business cycle. The SBP-IBA Business Confidence Index will assist the State Bank of Pakistan in setting the discount rate and in determining effective policies that support the growth of business.