Impact Evaluation of Risk Governance Study

Partner: UNDP

The Center for Business and Economic Research is conducting a evaluation of the project implemented by UNDP that facilitated a Disaster Risk Governance (DRG) approach to revamp the institutions for disaster risk reduction and management systems in Sindh province. DRG goes beyond the traditional focus on national/provincial disaster management authorities (NDMAs) and embraces a network approach understanding that it shall drive incremental progress and dynamic task identification in planning. DRG musters the cooperation of government authorities, civil servants, the private sector, media, and civil society in the prevention, mitigation, and preparedness to strengthen the national and sub-national level disaster management capacity. Primarily aimed at addressing the risk in government policies and processes, the approach allows addressing the underlying drivers that generate and multiply through the allocation of adequate resources, building the capacity of key actors, and putting in place responsive institutions and efficient mechanisms.