Commissioned Projects

Project title: Public Private Partnership in Education: Exploring the effectiveness of Sindh Education Foundation

In partnership with Oxfam Pakistan, CBER has undertaken a study to assess the impact of Sindh Education Foundation in the areas of gender equity, quality, access and accountability of its programs.

Pakistan faces appalling education crisis in terms of meagre allocations, quality and access to schools and gender disparities in planning and budgeting. Serous concerns are being raised for the large number of out of school children who can play vital role in the future social and economic landscape of the country especially of marginalized groups and girls remain serous concern. As one possible solution to this challenge, Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), a semi-autonomous body operational since 1992 and established by Sindh government has been mandated to provide equitable quality education in partnership with private sector under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

The evidence put forth in this study will prove to guide future policy making for Public Private Partnership in Sindh.

a) Project title: Exploring Growth Potentials

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Naeem uz Zafar, Dr. Khadija Bari, Dr. Ather Elahi

Details: The purpose of this project is to conduct a research that identifies key industries in Pakistan that will drive economic growth in the next 5-10 years and their skills needs. This research aims to provide macroeconomic assessment of the economy in Pakistan and the future needs for skills required to drive economic growth. In particular, it aims to:

  • Identify sectors that are growing fastest in Pakistan and their contribution to country's GDP.
  • Develop a profile of key industries, identified as future drivers of growth and identify respective employers.
  • Map the current workforce in Pakistan with the trends expected to drive growth – which are the areas where mismatch between supply and demand for skills will be? How should those be addressed in the medium to long terms (5 to 10 years)?
  • Explore the dynamics between the private and public sectors? Will the future employment be mainly driven by private enterprises?

The team of researchers also interacted with CEOs of major companies in the growth-oriented sector and ascertained their Human Resource needs. These in-depth interviews with employers (CEOs and HR departments) focused on:

  • Identifying the gaps in available talent pool and the potential employees?
  • What soft skills are employers looking for?
  • Graduates in what subject areas are most sought after – currently and in next 5-10 years?
  • Test for perceptions on graduates from overseas as compared to local? Any differences? Perceptions on graduates from UK, US, Australia?
  • Test the findings of the research above with key government stakeholders, such as Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of labour, Higher Education Commission, etc.

b) Project title: Transnational education partnership programme

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Project title: Socio Economic Impact of CCBPL on Pakistan's Economy

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Khadija, Dr. Naeem uz Zafar, Dr. Adnan Haider

Details: The project was commissioned by Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan (CCBPL) to IBA, Karachi. It documents information regarding economic linkages between the business of CCBPL and other sectors within the country's economy and highlights its socio-economic impact. In particular, the study shows the extent to which CCBPL generates income with additional multipliers – critically important for measuring the total impact on the economy. It was conducted at the outlets dealing directly or indirectly with the company. It was conducted through a call center and responses were recorded from 474 outlets spread all across the country. The study also highlights the tax contribution of CCBPL. Its bottling activities engender substantial direct and indirect effects creating significant business and employment opportunities. Overall this impact is measured by an economic "multiplier" factor that captures the catalyzing effects of its investment and ongoing operations.

Project title: Demand Forecasting Model

Principal Investigator (s): Nida Aslam

Project title: Engro Foundation Value Chain Project

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Rehan Malik

Details: This study analyzes the economic, social, and environmental impact of the Engro Polymer value chain. A portfolio of five social impact projects, their operating models, and a three-year action plan was developed to implement these projects.

Project title: Consultancy

Principal Investigator (s): Jami Moiz

a) Project title: Forecasting new automobile demand in Pakistan, 2010 to 2017

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Hemandas Lohano, Dr. Qazi Masood

b) Project title: Customer Satisfaction Survey (Survey Research)

Principal Investigator: Jami Moiz

Project title: Market Profiling

Principal Investigator (s): Sidrat Asim

Details: This report provides information on demographics, consumption habits, and investment decisions of Jubilee General Insurance prospective customers in urban Pakistan.

Project title: Pakistan Luxury Car Market Study

Principal Investigator (s): Jami Moiz

Project title: Consumer insights on skin care in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad

Principal Investigator (s): Jami Moiz