1. Is there any facility available for online presentation?
The conference is primarily physical. However, we will also accommodate requests for online presentations from authors.

2. What is the registration fee for the conference?
There is no registration fee to attend and present in this conference, however registration via the conference website will be necessary to ensure your entry and security clearance.

3. Is the IBA will cover TA/DA/travelling cost/accommodation cost of the presenters?
Limited funds are available to support the presenters whose papers will be accepted for the conference. The details of funding support will be provided after the papers have been accepted to presenters.

4. What is the deadline of registration detail?
There is no deadline for registration

5. What is the process of paper acceptance?
The abstract and full paper submission will follow the below mentioned process:

6. Will the full paper get published in a regular or special issue of the "Business Review" Journal?
The CBER will publish only the abstracts in the "Conference Proceedings". However, anyone interested in publishing the research paper in the "Business Review" needs to submit directly to the journal and follow the standard procedure of publishing.

7. Will there be a poster presentation?
There will be no poster presentation.

8. Will accommodation be available to Co-authors/accompanied person.
Accommodation is only available for the presenting author only.

9. Is it possible to stay in another hotel other than the one prescribed by IBA and get reimbursed for the accommodation?
The conference rates are subsidized through our MOUs with hotels. So even if CBER allows direct financial support, it won't be much, plus it will go through a separate route which given multiple workflows at CBER would be difficult to manage.

10. Could an additional guest stay in the accommodation provided by the IBA?
A way to help the presenters in this situation is that CBER can personally talk to the hotel management to treat accompanied person as a separate guest and charge directly where accommodation of the guest is managed.