IBA Working Paper Series

The Centre for Business and Economics Research (CBER) publishes its working paper series for the main purpose of disseminating preliminary research results, conference proceedings and unpublished work. This stimulates discussion and generates critical feedback from experts in the field. The work could later be published in reputed journals and presented at conferences abroad. Below is the list of IBA Working papers.

No. 1
Sep, 2012

Prospecs, Challenges and Risks for Increasing India-Pakistan Trade

Dr. Ishrat Hussain

AbstractDespite the common historical, legal and cultural heritage, South Asia still remains as one of the least integrated regions of the world. The political tension and rivalry between the two major countries of the region - India and Pakistan - stands out as the main explanatory variable. In last one year, there have been some healthy developments in relaxing this constraint and resuming better trading relations. more...

No. 15-2
Jun, 2015

Private Returns to Educationin Pakistan

Haroon Jamal

AbstractThe paper statistically evaluates the trends in private returns to education in Pakistan for the period 1990-91 to 2012-13. The data of 16 nationally representative Labor Force Surveys during this period are utilized to estimate the standard Mincerian Earning Functions with some modifications. more...

No. 15-3
Jul, 2015

Spatial Disparities in Socioeconomic Development: The Case of Pakistan

Haroon Jamal

AbstractRising spatial disparities in socioeconomic development is a major concern in developing economies. Regional inequality is a dimension of overall inequality, but it has added significance when spatial and regional divisions align with political and ethnic tensions to undermine social and political stability. more...