CBER provides comprehensive support and services to IBA faculty, and graduate students.

Proposal Writing

  • Reviewing and complying with funding agency requirements
  • Formatting proposals as per agency requirements
  • Gathering and formatting necessary documents (biographical sketches, information on other support)
  • Developing a budget and budget justification
  • Drafting information on the CBER's resources and environment
  • Editing proposal text
  • Obtaining necessary approvals and signatures from investigators and CBER

Media Relations and Advancement Coordination

  • Working with IBA's Communication office, CBER identifies news and feature stories and develops media plans that highlight the IBA's research, mission, and vision. Staff also field media requests, write articles as needed, and serve as the contact for advancement opportunities.

Research administration

  • Administrative Services
  • Basic word processing and assistance with preparing tables, graphs, and charts
  • Organizing logistics for events and conferences
  • Publicizing information on colloquia and events
  • Room and equipment setup for events
  • Recruiting and managing all graduate research assistants and hourly workers
  • Office, meeting, and work space management

Library and Information Services

  • IBA Library, through, 'Research Support Services' provide training and specialist services to enhance research activities across the institute. The Library subscribes to wide range of research oriented contents and electronic databases. It offers advice and assistance for academic publishing, literature searching, personal information management skills including referencing & citing. It also delivers special services to MS/PhD students and conduct customized sessions/trainings to ensure researchers may take maximum benefit of available resources and services.