Research Grants

Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA)

Research Title: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Principal Investigator (s): Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Details: The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (known as GEM) is an international research initiative to promote entrepreneurship and is implemented in more than 80 nations. The GEM studies are conducted under the auspices of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association and Entrepreneurs. Policy makers and educators around the world are using the GEM reports to create awareness and enhance learning about the entrepreneurial process. The report measured entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspirations through in-depth review of individual entrepreneurial characteristics of the adult (18-64) population in all parts of the country. The report's key measure of entrepreneurship in a society is total early-stage entrepreneurial activity (TEA) rate, which is the sum of the nascent entrepreneurship rate and the new business-manager rate. According to the study, the TEA rate for Pakistan is 9.08%, which is lower than the average TEA rate for the factor-driven economies (11.7%).

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