IBA Seminar Series

The Centre for Business and Economics Research hosts regular seminars to encourage the exchange of ideas. Speakers may discuss work that is at a later stage of completion and needs further refinement for a seminar or conference outside IBA or may choose to discuss work-in-progress at early stages as well as potential research projects and ideas. Graduate students are encouraged to participate as presenters as well as discussants. Graduate students are welcome to present research ideas for their master or PhD thesis. Distinguished professionals who are prominent in the field of economics and business are also to share their knowledge with the academic community at IBA.

Current Seminars

Previous Seminars

30th March

Analysis of the Government Bond Market and Monetary Policy

Presenter: Dr. Nishat, Dr. Waliullah

6th January

13th January

Anaysis of Amantech's Model of Vocational Training

Presenter: Ms. Mehwish Ghulam Ali